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Venus 2000 eigenbau orgasmen video

venus 2000 eigenbau orgasmen video

Venus 2000 eigenbau Free Download Video MP4 3GP M4A Venus 2000 venus, iI) is a sexual stimulation tool for men. The device was marketed. Omss Science: What is Venus 2000 sexual stimulation Is this the best male sex toy in the world? Nonte Fonte Cricket Free Download Video MP4 3GP M4A Venus, iI from October 1993 to April 1998 and since then as the. It is a hands free masturbation aid with controllable stroking action.

Sklaven Geschichten Erotische Sexgeschichten Der exklusive Club - Partytreff Dolce Vita Sybian spokeswoman Karen explained: The. Venus 2000 has been on the market since early 1998, making it a 20 year product that has been perfected over time. Bdsm anal ficken mit sexy und frech Mädchen mit einem Venus is the Goddess of love, that. Play, streaming, watch and download Nonte Fonte Cricket video (03:14), you can convert to mp4, 3gp, m4a for free.

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When Rick and Val presented their new device to Abco in 1993, they immediately recognized the outstanding concept and design; therefore, they helped them launch and market. Is this the most intense sex toy in the world? Was there a manual? My design utilizes a part that is ultra light and allows it to stroke in any position - up, down or sideways. Diaphragm: Air is moved by a specially designed and molded diaphragm. Specifications, dimensions: 6" high, 8" wide and 9-1/2" long and weighs 11 pounds. You say portable, I say effing heavy. Because my personal needs were greater than my loving wife's schedule would allow, I resorted to masturbation. Gearmotor: The unit is powered by a 1/16 HP - 15:1 ratio Gearmotor made by Bodine Electric.

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Each V2000 package includes an air control box to venus 2000 eigenbau orgasmen video make this adjustment. The more I turned the dial the faster it squeezed the hard shaft inside the tube. Gellert has previously written: You may wonder how I came up with a unique product like this at all. (Picture: Sybian the top has a hard plastic cap, enclosing one end. I absolutely guarantee it will give you sensations and results like none you've ever had before. The sight of the tube rising and falling over my cock made me think my entire manhood was about to take off. Air moves to and from the outer chamber of the Receiver by a connecting hose. The creator of Venus also makes a machine for women: the Sybian. I guarantee there will be more experimentation. We are only talking about a few tubes and pipes.


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Venus 2000 eigenbau orgasmen video The device was marketed as Venus II from October 1993 to April 1998 and since then as the Venus 2000. Now at this point, Im slightly taken aback by the term portable. Venus II allows you to control the length and speed of the stroke, which stimulates you to ecstasy. The only downside to the Venus is that at 725 its far from cheap. The amount of air in the system, or lack of it, is adjustable and determines the stroke length.
venus 2000 eigenbau orgasmen video Abco Research Associates has manufactured and marketed the Sybian, for women, since 1987. Isnt it a bit like ladies razors? The rubber liner is flexible and has a very natural feel. Initially the name threw me dont women come from Venus? I began experimenting with machines that would produce a stroke at varying speeds and after hundreds of variations, I developed a product unique enough so that I was awarded patent #5501650.
Venus 2000 eigenbau orgasmen video And, most importantly, it is custom fitted. The Venus isnt going to slip into your backpack or briefcase, nor will it slip off the bed or anywhere else for that matter, which is a good thing. We braved the Sybian experience.
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(Picture: Sybian the main component is in an unmarked box. Would I recommend the Sybian Venus? It is a hands free masturbation aid with controllable stroking action. Advertisement, advertisement, fair enough. . The reason everything is custom fitted is because the tube moves you dont need to hold everything in place. The Venus 2000 will draw the penis in when it is turned. Eleven pounds is not portable in my book its laughable, like those brick mobile phones yuppies had in the 80s. Venus 2000 eigenbau orgasmen video

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Theres also another tube called the pump, and some shorter tubes for head massage snurk and nipple arousal. This thing looks like a 70s TV Pong controller. Advertisement Still, you pay for quality and this is built to last a lifetime of fapping, with many optional attachments that add to the fun. The Venus makes a gentle air pumping sound, like a sexy steam locomotive, and gentle squeezing started. So I let go of the tube and things start to get really interesting. It seems male desire for sexual activity ranges from needing an orgasm once in many weeks to wanting several in a day. It creates a powerful stroking action and also claims to be the only male sex toy that can make you orgasm with or without an erection. Oh, and somebody has to clean up the mess although this is a general problem I seem to have ochtrup sex tittengrabscher with life.