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Doubleday, _ (old publi Doublemint figures Doublemint,.g. Don't stay in one place Don't stop Don't take off Don't take that which may be taken Don't tell anyone I demolish unfinished wine Don't tell how to prepare a room for a film show? Donkey _ Donkey _ (game) Donkey's cousin Donkey's cry Donkey's sound Donkey's uncle Donkey's years Donkey, for one Donkey, in D Donkey, often Donkeys Donkeys' cries Donkeys, to mules Donna Donna Shalala's dept. Dahl and Francis Dahl and others Dahl of "A Southern Yanke Dahl of "Watch the Birdie Dahl or Francis Dahl who wrote "Charlie a Dahlia root, perhaps, in large container here in the middle Dailies, in the movie biz Daily Daily allowance Daily bread supplier? It's a trick Down the road Down the _ Down the _ (ruined) Down time Down times Down to make an error Down too much Down tools Down town, unknown number go inside pub Down Under Down Under bird Down Under birds Down Under critter. Dickie of "Our Gang" Dickinson or Frost,.g. Dreamscape artist Dreamt up knockout maths quantity?

Double fold Double Hall-of-Famer Hubb Double header? Don's world Don't Don't! Dropped from the galleys Dropped off Dropped off briefly Dropped off pelts needing treatment Dropped pop-up,.g. Death row inmate's hope Death row reprieves Death sentence widely publicised? Dotted-line user Dotty Dotty admits her work critical of industrial society Dotty inventor? Dreamy-eyed Drearily dull Dreary Dreary game interrupted by dancing reel Dreary poet rejected Dreary routine to, at first, study John Stuart? Disorderly stack Disorderly, confused Disorganised, I arrive in holiday area Disorganized Disorient Disorientated feeling of lout at entrance surrounded by rough chuckers-out Disorientation on meeting a new way of life Disoriented Disoriented 1949 musical? Doctor Who and others, br Doctor Who enemy Doctor Who legs it, getting the message from Johnson Doctor Whos transport Doctor Who's day to have confrontation Doctor who's friends with Doctor whom Nixon called Doctor whose patients nev Doctor with digestive complaint goes to bits. Dolly the matchmaker Dolly user Dolly who sang "9 to 5" Dolly who sang "Here You Dolly _ of "Hello, Doll Dolly's hit one boy embracing another Dolly,.g. Do this and you might see how I go back in time Do this at the butcher's and lose your job!

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_ of "Austin Powers. Dance wildly Dance with a sailor before everybody turns up Dance with a sliding step Dance with a wiggle Dance with bandone Dance with comrade beyond a disaster? D.C.-based news source.C.-to-Va. Did garden work Did groundwork? Driver's electric conveni Driver's grumble around peak months Driver's guide Driver's headache Driver's helper Driver's helper?

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Detect end of democracy by clairvoyance Detect like a dog Detect underground particle accelerator Detect, in a way Detected Detected, as a group of animals will be here Detection ability Detection device Detection devices Detection system Detective Detective Charlie Detective cross-dressing; hot pants in Goa? Draft laws Draft letters Draft list to knock up in hunting target Draft order? Die, euphemistically Die, for example Die-hard Géricault raftsmen swept away fore and aft Die; decay Die; rot Die? Did not stir Did nothing Did nothing while other t Did nurse prepare Mark for weariness? Decline to vote Decline with age Decline, with "out of" Declined Declined in power Declined to get into wrecked car Declined to live going back and forth with daughter Declines Declines gradually Declines items charged after break in US Declines little by little Declines.

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